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     Our shop in Evansville, Indiana just opened at the end of 2018. This whole idea of ours and why we started was to bring the quality and the personal care back to the boaters of this area. One of the many reasons we are most of the local's first choice boat repair shop. We believe in the customer and the transparency of our business. We will be more than happy to answer any and every question that you may have about repairs, pricing, troubleshooting, etc. Josh Pritchard(owner) works first hand on EVERY boat that comes through the shop to ensure quality work. 

     We work on everything from jet skis, outboards, high performance inboards and houseboats. We can also tune your computer to squeeze some extra power from your stock engine! If you have a bigger boat that you may not want to trailer around or is in a slip at one of the lakes, JP Marine can come to you! We are also the only business around the area that does shrink wrapping,  and for only $14/foot!

    We're not a 8 to 5 shop. We're usually here by 7a.m. and most evenings still here at 9 p.m. So those of you that don't get off work until 5 or 6 you can still drop your boat off to us personally. If requested, your boat will stay inside the entire time it's here. We are an appointment only shop, so most of the time you get your boat back within 24hrs depending on the service it needs. So come by and see us!

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